Our History

Previously known as “Vasant Engineeirng and Fabricators” (VEF) , the company was established in the year 1969 as brain child of the founder late Shri Ganpatbhai Panchal. His younger son Mr. Jagdish G. Panchal is the current chairman as well as managing director of company. Company has long success story in commercial vehicle body building.


Started Company

Company incorporated as “Vasant Engineering and Chemical Works”. In the beginning company was doing job work under big firms at ranted space. It was involved in structural work and general steel fabrication work.


Enter in Die Molds Manufacturing

Company has started manufacturing die molds and machineries for plastic tank industries.


Water and Chemical storage Tanks

The company has started manufacturing water and chemical storage tanks from mild steel and stainless steel. Company was supplying these tanks to local chemical plants for their chemical processes. By that time founder found great opportunity in chemical plants machinery and vessels manufacturing.


Vasant Engineering and Fabricators

The company got a new name “ Vasant engineering and fabricators” and own manufacturing facility at Vatva, GIDC, Ahmedabadbad.


First Drying Machine

The company has built its first drying machine for known soap manufacturer. They have not stopped here. They keep on manufacturing similar machines in different sizes and for different applications.


Seeking Opportunity in Transportation Tanks

The company has started mobile chemical tanks manufacturing on different truck chassis. Company was manufacturing chemical tanks from HDPE, mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum material


Mobile Chemical Tanks Manufacturing

The company has started mobile chemical tanks manufacturing on different truck chassis. Company was manufacturing chemical tanks from HDPE, mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum material


Dry Bulk Tanks (Bulkers)

Cement market has started demanding for dry bulk tanks (bulkers) to transports loose cement. Company managing director Mr. Jagdish Panchal has started his focus on dry bulk tanks and its technology. With lots of hard work “VEF” has made its first bulker of 16 CBMsize in late 1998. Managing director found huge demand in dry bulk tanks in coming years so he kept his full focus in the development of different models and sizes in dry bulk tanks.


Bulker for light weight fly ash

VEF has made 32 CBM bulker for light weight fly ash which was helped the company to capture 90% market share in the north.


First dry bulk semi trailer

VEF has manufactured its first dry bulk semi trailer of 35 CBM on 35 GVW prime movers.


Bulker with Tridem suspension system

Company has built its 42 cbm bulker with tridem suspension system.


Started new manufacturing facility in chhapi

VFPL has started new manufacturing facility in chhapi village , 150 kms from Ahmadabad to increase the production capacity.


56 CBM Bulker

Demand in light weight and fine fly ash is increasing continuously. VEF customers is now asking for bigger size bulkers to carry 33 MT load so VEF has manufactured 56 cbm Bulker, which went successful in north east India.


Company Name Changed

Company name changed to vasant fabricators pvt ltd” (VFPL). In late 2007 VFPL supplied first bulker to food grade industry to carry wheat flour.


First Tipping Bulker of 40 CBM

VFPL has built its first tipping bulker of 40 cbm which is used to carry cement and clinkers.


Stainless Tipping Bulker for PTA

VFPL made stainless tipping bulker for PTA powder which helped user to discharge the powder without nitrogen. Which is the first choice of user till to date.


VFPL Introduces First Bulker in Soda Ash Dense Market

VFPL supplied bulker for betonies sand application and VFPL introduces first bulker in soda ash dense market. Today VFPL is most successful bulker supplier for soda dense and fine in glass and detergent industries.


Introduces The light Weight Bulkers

By this time there is big demand for light weight vehicle due to strict regulations for rated load vehicles. VFPL introduces the light weight bulkers into the market made from high strength steel.


First Order From Steel Industry

VFPL bagged their first order from steel industry.


Joint Venture With German Company

VFPL got joint venture with German company to produce mini cement silos in India. Mini silos are useful to store loose cement in small place at any construction sites. Cements companies can replace the bag cement with mini silos.


Made Aluminum Bulker for PTA

VFPL has made aluminum bulker for PTA powder to carry more loads.


First Bottom Loading Fuel Tanker

VFPL has manufactured its first bottom loading fuel tanker on 37 gvw truck chassis.


New Product Range

VFPL has introduced their new product range mobile gas tankers and storage tanks.


New Product - Side Wall Trailers

VFPL introduced side wall trailers and Tip Trailers.


New Product – ISO Tank Containers

VFPL has introduced ISO dry bulk and liquid tank containers for rail and sea transportation.

Want to know more about ADAMAS company?
Vasant Fabricators Pvt. Ltd. is a diversified company and Manufacturer of process Equipment as per ASME and SMPV (U) Pules MS, SS and Aluminium Tankers and Semi-Trailers, Bulker Semi Trailers, Fuel Tankers, Storage Tanks, Tipping Tanker Semi Trailers, Unfired GAS Tankers and Body Building works.