We are very pleased to share out the journey with all our partners, and We always thankful to all those who support us.
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Our company specializes in manufacturing a wide range of Fuel Tanks, Liquid Tanks, Gas Tanks and Trailers.
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Your opinion is always important to us, so we are always ready to hear from you. Refer to our professionals.
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Our principles


The stability of the security of a long and fruitful cooperation. This is a very important quality.


From the speed of trading and industrial operations, much depends. This primarily affects the profit.


Competence – our strong point. The high level of awareness allows us yt aware of all the action.


Today reliable business relationships come to the fore. Our company is a model of reliability.


Diversification of our company guarantees a professional approach to any task.


Accuracy – the key to the order and quality. Therefore this principle, we pay a lot of time.

Our Product Catagories


Only high-quality Tanks

Vasant Fabricators produces bulk tanks for rigid vehicles having a volumetric capacity of approx.. 16 m3 to 42 m3. We also produce special types trailer made to suit individual requirement.

These tanks are made from different material

  • Aluminum
  • Carbon Steel
  • High Strength Steel
  • Stainless Steel based on application


Building a safe and for the ages

Sophisticated and innovative construction principals and state of the art technology makes our trailers payload giants and reliable partners for your transport contracts.

Supplied with

  • Complete aluminium chassis
  • Steel suspension bracket frame
  • Additional payload advantages
  • Low maintenance cost


Quality Semi Trailor

Vasant Fabricators tipping tanker semi trailers for the transport of powders and granulates meet the new demands in logistic industries.

  • Chassis is made from High Strength Steel chassis
  • Tanks from High Strength steel
  • Aluminum to provide additional payload advantage

Vasant Fabricators - reliable partner for transportation

Commercial history of company lasts 48 years. More than 2107 customers became our partners. We have made more than 9318 tanks and trailors over the years.


Grateful customers - our main award!

The Company with a Good Attitude


Rahul Sharma

Servile times we order a tanks in the company Vasant Fabricators.Excellent quality and speed of production.

Tushar Patel

I recommend this company. On my request special high quality body structure was made. Satisfied with the execution time.

Mayur Shah

Our company is engaged in the transportation of liquid chemical. Vasant Fabricators provide quality tanks for safe chemical transportation.

Vijay shukla

We cooperate with the Vasant Fabricators for two years. Complaints on the quality of the products do not have. Everything is alright!

Sachin Mishra

We consider the company “Vasant Fabricators”. As along-term and reliable partner. Service the company of high quality. Iron trailor and semi trailor were made on time. Thank you.

Tapan Joshi

Great Job! I am very glad! Everything was done on time and very high quality. Great style, nice interior, all of high quality eco-friendly materials. I highly recommend this company. Lovely engineers and competent experts.

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Vasant Fabricators Pvt. Ltd. is a diversified company and Manufacturer of process Equipment as per ASME and SMPV (U) Pules MS, SS and Aluminium Tankers and Semi-Trailers, Bulker Semi Trailers, Fuel Tankers, Storage Tanks, Tipping Tanker Semi Trailers, Unfired GAS Tankers and Body Building works.